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When the topic is about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, a lot of people see them as a mythical pandora box. They may think of scammers, thieves, terrorists, money launderers, and others. On the other side, these statements are misleading and entirely false.

Plenty of programmers are serious in developing the Bitcoin network every single day. Most of them do it for free during their spare time. After all, the network is an open-source community-driven project. It stands for financial inclusion and personal freedom.

How Is Safe Bitcoin?

When stored and used appropriately, Bitcoin has proven to be a dependable financial instrument in terms of accessibility, secure peer-to-peer transfers, and storing value. The Bitcoin protocol is sturdy to withhold any attacks. Most of the negative news surrounding this digital currency is because of some third-party providers such as private key mismanagement, wallet developers, and centralized exchanges.

In the same way as other currencies, you want to know and understand the issues surrounding the cryptocurrency. If you know these issues, you can easily figure out the potential threats and then protect your wealth. These issues may include cybersecurity threats, insecure third-party services usage, crypto security storage, and price volatility.

Meanwhile, you should also consider asking if it is safe to use traditional finance tools. Be aware that most money laundering and other related activities are done with the use of traditional money. It is known that these kinds of financial systems to be vulnerable to economic crises and bubbles.

It is not foolish to say that Bitcoin is safe to use and to trade at. You need to have a willingness to take responsibility for protecting your wealth.

Handle Your Bitcoins Safely

Always keep your secret private key safe. This key serves as the password to access and use the Bitcoins. Keeping your private key secure where no one else knows about it, rest assured that your Bitcoins are always safe. On the other hand, once you lose this key, there’s no way for you to access your funds.

Make sure to use a reliable wallet based on your needs. That is because it will act as your bank account accessing your fund. You can choose either to store them online or offline.

Bitcoin Regulations

Once you enter the world of cryptocurrencies, you need to deal with key issues like regulations. Since a lot of countries are now planning to introduce Bitcoin laws, the way this crypto is being bought, traded, and spent is affected. So, you can expect for tax and legal implications. Apart from the rules, Bitcoin users may also be granted more protection, rights, and clarity.

Anonymity Issues

It’s partly true that Bitcoin users enjoy anonymity. Although everyone can track any wallet along with the content on the network, there’s no way for them to identify the wallet’s owner.
While wallets and transactions are not linked to personal identity or data, other people take advantage of alternative ways in determining the owner’s identity.

You may be revealing your identity as your register on a crypto exchange, for instance, so all the transactions made from that exchange can be traced back to the wallet. For a stronger privacy, privacy solutions like TOR browser could help. If you want to ensure a complete security, you can always rely on the bitcoin evolution app.


When trading Bitcoins, you need to buy Bitcoins at a low price actively. After that, it’s time for you to sell them back. But, this time, at a relatively higher price.

Bitcoin trading requires patience and knowledge. Keep in mind that a very large players occupy the trading market, so you need to make a trade cleverly. Besides, you need to ensure security and safety in every trade you make.


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