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You might have heard of bitcoin, but what about Ethereum? In the crypto world, Ethereum is the closest thing Bitcoin has to a rival; thus, it is the most relied alternative to it.

Most crypto gambling sites had Ethereum enabled due to that same popularity that rival’s bitcoin. And, rest assured, transacting with Ethereum at legit US online casinos is just as easy and carries the same perks.

Perks of Ethereum As A Payment Method for Crypto Casinos

Have you ever heard of the benefits of using bitcoin as a payment method inside of a crypto casino? Or of the benefits of using any kind of cryptocurrency for that matter?

Well, Ethereum is also a cryptocurrency, thus, using Ethereum as a payment method for crypto casinos carries the very same benefits as using any other cryptocurrency. These been fit you would enjoy out of Ethereum are:

  • No Bank Fees: Banks are not involved here in any way whatsoever. So, there’s no bank to come charge you a fee for using their services. With Ethereum, you get to enjoy more of your money.
  • Lighting Fast Transactions: As there are no banks, there is no bureaucracy to wait to approve of your transaction. Your money will be yours as fast as if transacting with cash.
  • Anonymity: With Ethereum, your info remains just as concealed and anonymous as you would expect from crypto. The only thing you will ever supply to the casino is your Ethereum wallet address for them to send you payment.

The address happens to be heavily-encrypted; it is impossible to trace it back to you in any way. As long as you keep the wallet address safe and you don’t go around telling everyone that that is your wallet, no one can link it back to you.

Paying with Ethereum

Looking to finally use Ethereum, the cryptocurrency that is giving bitcoin a run for its money, when at an online casino? Simply choose Ethereum when making a deposit with it at the online casino of your choosing.

After that, simply indicate the amount you are looking to add to your casino balance. The casino’s system will then give you its equivalent on Ethereum and a crypto wallet address. That is the crypto wallet address of the online casino, and it will be all you need to send them the deposit using Ethereum.

Just double-check that you copied the wallet address given and hit ‘send’ to submit the payment. The equivalent amount of casino credit should appear in your casino balance shortly after.

Withdrawing with Ethereum

Just got lucky and had some winnings you are looking to cash out? You can do so and have them pay you in Ethereum. Just go to the withdrawal section and choose ‘Ethereum‘. Then introduce the amount you are looking to withdraw from your total balance.

The casino will automatically convert them into its equivalent Ethereum amount based on the proper exchange rate. The system will then ask you for your crypto wallet address. Input your wallet address, which you hopefully have hidden away safely and out of reach of anyone else.

Make sure that you actually copied it properly and then hit ‘withdraw’ to formally send the withdrawal order to the casino. Your payment should arrive as Ethereum to your wallet in a matter of minutes after that.

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