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With time and the kind of target audience, Facebook and it’s kind of facility and work are also changing comfortably. Perhaps Facebook understands well that now people want to create some money and currency as per their choice.

There has been a lot of q profit system existing in recent times unless Facebook changed the whole concept of it. When Libra had announced about the compilation with bitcoins, bitcoin users were more than very happy about this fact. But the excitement also dropped down very quickly and unexpectedly because it was expected that the news would be on the headlines for quite some time now.

The big bubble was burst when the fact came into light that the Libra system is not at all a cryptocurrency but Facebook considers it to be one. Hence Libra is not a gateway to the world of cryptocurrency. It is not any shift toward any digital currency, the process is already an old one.

What Made Facebook Collaborate with Libra?

There were many guesses to this answer, many agreed, many did not but as per the experts say that it was a wrong decision. Some say Facebook can’t make any mistake they must have thought twice or thrice before taking such a decision.

Well, by an overall look it may seem that Facebook has made some nominal mistake, or it might seem like an opportunistic approach towards the field of a gamble. Many have thought that probably Facebook wanted to be the first one to take such steps to be the first ones doing it. But again, experts advise it is not just the fact that Facebook is the first one to do it, there is a lot more over and beyond this collaboration which does not reach out to our brains.

But the very recent walk away from the seven of the founding members of the Libra system has raised enough of questions on what exactly Facebook wants.

What does Exactly Facebook want?

Do you think you know well what exactly Facebook wants? Let me tell you they will leave you sterned with their steps and actions.

It might be very hard to believe and understand but the reality is the idea and the business plan of Facebook has gradually moved into some other direction which is very different from what the inception was all about. If you remember FarmVille, which used to be a famous game on Facebook is now outdated and backdated, no one really uses the game. While on the other hand it has also been seen that the people below 40 years old do not regularly post on Facebook now.

Facebook how has unimaginable fund hence they are on the trend of buying anything that they feel is being used most by their users. Hence, they bought both WhatsApp and Instagram recently. Facebook is so clever that they make some such offers to the new application which they fail to refuse hence they land up signing in the treaty with Facebook and they get under the banner of Facebook.


The way Facebook is emerging or proceeding there is a high chance that Facebook will soon become an all-in-one kind of digital access in smartphones. A very small example is wherever you need to log in you will find a very convenient option of logging using your Facebook account which makes your identity circulated easily and making it a lead for Facebook. It is as easy as using your Facebook details to confirm that you are the same person who is trying to log in to something else using the Facebook Logging details.

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