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ROFX is your personal assistant in forex trading. The expert advisor robot was developed in 2009 by a team of traders and skilled software developers with the sole objective of assisting traders in making profits. It has proved itself while many traders have used it since its development and even traders with no knowledge and formal trading experience have found it helpful. Based on researches and tests, here is an honest RoFx review, which is considered amongst the leading FX expert advisors.

Benefits of ROFX EA as the developers claim

The developers of ROFX mention the following reasons to use ROFX and why it is especially useful for beginners:

Easy for novice traders: It is not easy to understand the complex world of forex and how the market works. Novice traders take years to grasp a hold of trading. So, nothing is more helpful for them than an expert advisor designed with easy to use the software. With the help of this robot, you do not need to be an expert in analyzing the market or experienced enough for successful trading. The robot makes trading easier and thus, your chances of making profits are increased.

Human errors eliminated: Traders may make mistakes in making decisions and selecting strategies. However, ROFX operates using the algorithmic forex trading platforms. So, human errors can be eliminated.

Emotionless trading: When it comes to forex trading, there is no place for emotions. You have to be strictly logical if you want to make the right decision. ROFX works with a fully automated forex trading system. So, traders do not have to face the obstruction of emotions again.

Excellent trading strategy: As mentioned in the previous points, ROFX works with a fully automated forex trading strategy. With this excellent strategy, traders can skip the trial and error method.

Consistency: The most important factor in trading is not only achieving success once but being consistent in it. With its automated trading system, ROFX assists traders to be consistent in trading.

Great features of ROFX EA

Easy beginning: Beginners find it easy to start trading with ROFX. You can simply begin with a trial short-term investment that would be valid for thirty trading days.

Daily profit: Unlike some other expert advisors, ROFX does not make you wait for several days to earn profits. You can gain profits at the end of all profitable days, on the same day.

Transparency: ROFX is a transparent expert advisor. There are no hidden fees that you will have to pay after you start using the robot.

Minimum risks: As a robot that is known for being a “No loss forex robot”, ROFX assists clients to keep their loss at the minimum by blocking trading when required by its stop-loss system.

Return of funds: One of the most helpful features of ROFX is that it gives the invested funds back to the traders anytime, whenever they want it.

Deposit security guarantee: ROFX provides the clients with the deposit security guarantee by making amends by the reserve fund of the company.

24/7 support: Clients of ROFX can reach out to the company anytime with 24/7 customer support via live chat.

The EA offers many wonderful features and benefits. However, you need to confirm the claims of the developers before trusting it. You can do it by visiting the ROFX Myfxbook account. On the account, the charts of the trading record can be viewed and we can see if ROFX is really useful or not.

Trading record of ROFX on Myfxbook

Look at the following chart to see the statistics explaining the trading record of ROFX.

We can see that the ROFX trading account was opened on July 30, 2018, and it started trading with a deposit of $10000000. No amount was withdrawn from the account. With a profit of $45872571, the account has a balance of $55872571 at present. The drawdown is very impressive, only 0.35%. Apart from that, the account has an excellent 100% equity. The gain and absolute gain of the account are +458.73%. With a 0.26% daily profit and a 7.98% monthly profit, the account has grown enormously. It has also proved to be consistent by producing great results only from 2018 to this day.

Now, pay attention to the other ROFX charts displaying trading, trading activity, and advanced statistics. Those charts show great results as well and they also maintain transparency with their clean and certain data.

The reliability of the data

Although the trading records of the ROFX account are very impressive, you need to make sure that the results are genuine. You may consider these factors to know if the data is reliable:

Verification of the chart: When it comes to anything related to foreign exchange, you can only trust it if it is verified. Look at the top of the chart to see if the track records and trading privileges are verified. On the ROFX chart, you can see both are verified. So, you can trust the data.

Last update of data: In many cases, the data displayed on the chart is genuine, but it can be past results. The robot may have worked well before but it may not work with the current market conditions anymore. This is when developers try to fool traders with past results by not updating the chart. So, you need to see when the chart was last updated. The ROFX Myfxbook chart was updated only ten hours ago. So, you can be assured of the authenticity of the data.

Logical information: The trading record of the Myfxbook chart is indeed the reflection of a robot’s performance, but you need to be careful if it is too good to believe. Sometimes, the chart shows that the robot has earned enormous profits in a very small time and by depositing a very small amount of money. This is not realistic. On the contrary, ROFX started its journey with a large amount of money and took a long two years to reach where it is today.

Open and private data: If the data displayed on the trading record of Myfxbook account is genuine, then there is no need to hide any data. As you can see on the trading chart of ROFX, apart from open trades and open orders, no other information is private. It also confirms that the information is reliable.

Final thoughts

Considering the results gathered from the Myfxbook account, it can be concluded that ROFX EA is transparent and reliable. It is definitely a great EA for beginners. However, you cannot download it. So, visit the official website. You can create a free account there and purchase a plan.

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