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The start of the third decade of the twenty-first century, will always be remembered for the novel coronavirus that has swept the world. In business circles, this not only means changing market dynamics and threats to your survival, but it also means remote working, cloud-based infrastructure, and a digital-first approach to the continuation of your business labor.

As such, this article looks at how you can modernize your business in 2020, bearing in mind that the world will have changed permanently after the events of this tumultuous year.

Look to Automation

Now, more than ever, your business needs to be engaging with the kinds of software and solutions that can help you to steal a competitive edge over your rivals. This will usually involve some form of cost-cutting and modern technology can help you to achieve that.

By finding the right IT solutions, you and your business will be able to avoid hiring more manual workers to perform the simple jobs that a computer can do far quicker. You can even begin to replace your customer service professionals with highly-attuned chatbots and automated voice call receivers. It’s your responsibility to make automation a key plank in your business’ modernization this year, to help you remain competitive in your market.

Remote Adjustments

Now is the time for businesses to make the change to remote working in a wholesale and thorough way. Make all your processes available on the cloud, so that your employees can access documents, and the software on which they will edit and work on them when they’re working from home.

Moreover, you need to start thinking about how you can manage your team effectively when they’re spread across the country — or, indeed, the world — so that you’re able to keep the business up and running in spite of the lockdowns that may come in the future. Give your staff confidence and clarity by providing them with all of the technological support that they need to succeed. Using 24x7 IT Solutions can help you to understand how to leverage your IT to modernize your workforce for the future.


Modernizing your business isn’t just about digital systems, however. It’s also about your culture within the four walls of your office space, and the way in which you hire and fire individuals. Modern businesses have a responsibility to ensure there’s equality in the workplace, and that their staff are safe and happy throughout the year, with no bullying or mistreatment to speak of.

You should also ensure that management are following the correct procedures when hiring staff and that no discrimination exists within your leadership team, preventing minorities from joining your firm. With a more diverse team, you’ll make greater use of a varied range of skill sets and perspectives, which will serve to drive your business forward into a bright and profitable future. But this starts with the culture, so be open, tolerant and equable in order to succeed in 2020.

Use these three tips to help you to modernize your business this year.

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