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For most the time they spend at university is the most memorable part of their lives, while for many, it is the toughest and most stressful time. It is essential to know that every student’s situation is unique and not all go through the same circumstances. When some students are having the best time at university, there will be a lot of them who are finding a way to escape the tension. Therefore, it is necessary to understand these challenges and think of a better solution for them. Below in this article, we’ve mentioned a few most common problems. To learn about them, continue reading!


As compared to school and college, the life of a university student is academically challenging. The university courses require you to dedicate more time and put more effort than high school classes. Unlike typical high schools, the university tries to cover two years of content into one year, which makes it even more problematic to keep up with the syllabus. So, what you need to do is to schedule your time to have fun and study to keep your mind bright and fresh.

In addition to courses, the other most common problem they face is writing a paper and managing their textbooks. Therefore, you need a reliable PDF software such as soda pdf will help you keep track of specific concepts, key terms, and essential information without having to buy hard copies of textbooks.


It comes as no surprise that there is a competition in this world, and university life is no exception. The competition students have to face is so much higher. From competing to get admission to proving themselves and from getting the first position in a particular sport to obtaining high marks at the end of the semester, at every point there is a new challenge for them.

Healthy competition is always good, but things may get challenging due to unhealthy competition between students. To overcome such issues, it is the responsibility of the university to conduct seminars on personality development, which can help students in building their personalities.

Health Issues

It is one of the primary issues university student faces, especially when they are staying in hostels. The university food is nothing like home-cooked meals, plus the food available in hostels in usually not healthy and taste horrible. As a consequence, many, if not most, students have to face health-related issues.

If you live away from your home, then it is recommended to master a few delicious and easy to make dishes. This way, you are making sure that you are having a home-cooked and full of nutrition food. Therefore, the chances of you falling ill may reduce significantly.

Managing Job

Let’s be realistic. Studying at a university is not inexpensive at all, and most educational institutes charge a significant amount of money as tuition fee. Those students who cannot afford to pay the high price of tuition fee usually do a part-time job to fulfill their expenses.

However, juggling between work and study is very hard. So, look for options when getting a job. Most of the times, universities offer jobs that can easily fit your schedule. If you don’t have such opportunity available, then prioritize and schedule your tasks accordingly.

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