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The options to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have never been greater, but there is so much choice that you could easily find it challenging to choose. Cryptocurrency exchanges are the best and most trusted way to buy digital currency, as they are safe, convenient and functional. Before buying currency it is important that you have a place to store it, so check out these cryptocurrency wallets as well.


Coinbase is one of the biggest exchanges in the world and, as a result, one of the most popular. The company behind it is based in the United States and offers a full suite of services. Coinbase exchange is a very good place to start your cryptocurrency journey. Once you have acquired enough experience you can move on to Coinbase Pro, which offers lower fees and advanced trading options.

Separately, you can store and buy Ripple and other currencies directly from the Coinbase Wallet. This ensures that you can depend on just one company for all your currency needs.

Coinbase is also well-known for being the only major exchange that allows you to buy Bitcoin with PayPal as well as with debit or credit cards.


Kraken allows the full spectrum of trades, including fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto. You can use this exchange to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin and a variety of other Altcoins. Kraken is a safe exchange with a built-in wallet which is available to users worldwide.

This means that you can store your currency in the exchange even when you're not using them, although it is always recommended that you use a hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor for long-term safekeeping.

Kraken also offers margin trading, which allows you to leverage your funds as collateral in order to maximise your purchasing power. Margin trading offers bigger returns for successful trades but does come with higher fees. Nevertheless, it is a sought-after feature, especially from experienced investors.


Binance is another behemoth in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. The company, which is based in Malta, offers a wide variety of services which go beyond simply trading of currencies. An important feature of Binance is that it does not accept fiat currency, so you will need to buy Bitcoin using another cryptocurrency. The positive of this is that Binance offers one of the lowest fees to buy Bitcoin and other Altcoins.

Binance is known for its security features and advanced technological systems. Before using this exchange users should get some experience on simple alternatives, however, advanced users who use Binance rarely seek any other options. At the moment the exchange does not offer margin trading, but there are plans to introduce this eventually.

CEX is a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange which is regulated in the UK to carry out money transfers. As a result, it is duty-bound to ensure compliance with local regulations and is often seen as one of the safest and most reliable exchanges available.

You can use CEX to buy Bitcoin with credit cards, bank transfer, or by using Altcoins. The exchange includes an in-built wallet and offers margin trading. It offers a considerably small number of currencies, however, you can be sure to find the main ones, including DASH, Ripple, and Ethereum. Whilst its fees are not the lowest in the industry, they do rank as being one of the most affordable exchanges which provide value for money.


Indacoin offers one of the fastest ways to buy Bitcoin and other Altcoins using your debit or credit card. Using an online form you can own the currency quickly, however, this comes at a fee. In fact, Indacoin is seen as expensive by experienced traders, however, the premium gets you cryptocurrency with less hassle and time. Some would see this as a fair trade-off.

Available in over 100 countries, Indacoin is ideal if you want to buy Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies whilst staying anonymous and not go through verification processes. Doing this does result in certain transfer restrictions, however, you can always complete the verification process and have these low limits raised or removed completely. The exchange has also been praised for offering support and being very easy to use by novice traders.

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