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There is simply no denying that you have probably at least heard of cryptocurrency. You might not have gone as far as to use the currency, but at the very least, you have probably heard about it and know what it is. In fact, there are now a number of established online retailers that are now accepting this form of currency. Heck, there are even some physical retail stores accepting the currency. Cryptocurrency is not only an online currency that is much faster and safer, but it is cheaper for most vendors when compared side by side to credit card rates. All that aside, a number of successful online casinos have even started accepting the currency, but what does a year in the life of one of these casinos look like?

The Crypto Lottery

Well, starting in January 2019 a lot of casinos that had been accepting cryptocurrency started instituting what is known as a monthly crypto lottery. This might just seem like another lottery drawling to some individuals, but it is without a doubt a big undertaking for any casino. Cryptocurrency based online lotteries are scattered all across the Internet and just about anyone can partake, but they all operate under similar premises. Players that play games throughout the month will be granted tickets. Each ticker that you accrue over the month’s period will then be added to the drawing. It is simple as this: the more tickets you get, the higher the chances of winning. Players are usually assigned tickets when they make deposits or play games from certain crypto casinos.

Evenly Matched Games

There is simply no denying that a lot of crypto casinos like agen poker are facing a stigma right now. Cryptocurrency has been around for a number of years, but people and banking institutions are still looking down on this practice. Heck, people are still looking down on casinos, as they are worried about the fairness of them. How easy is it to tweak the random number generators? Are the casino doing things to tip the edge in favor of the house? These are just a few of the questions that many online gamblers are asking themselves these days. And, this is why it is making it harder and harder for crypto casinos to prove that their games are fair. Luckily though, it seems that they have done just that.

Many crypto sites started getting around this by offering at least one new game per month. Some of these offerings even include different multi-hand video poker variations as well as blackjack variations. The trick and upside are that the players actually get to choose the positioning of the deck.

Monero & More

It was long after January that these crypto casinos started seeing and instituting other changes. In fact, it was a quick as February that many of these casinos started accepting Monero as an acceptable means of withdrawals and deposits. Not only this, but it looks like a number of online crypto casinos are now accepting a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. And, this is a trend that will only increase as the future goes on.

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