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The benefits of the blockchain technology are so obvious nowadays, we’re witnessing a worldwide reach and scale with multiple interdisciplinary applications. In the years that follow, blockchain technology is expected to make our global economy better. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, 10% of the GDP on a worldwide level will be managed with the help of this technology by 2025.

Naturally, these applications are already visible in the education. Blockchain education is capable of making serious changes that will boost the performance of our educational systems. It is the modern way of thinking. It’s the leading factor into how we utilize the student and faculty data online, how we organize it, access it, and even use it.

Seeing how this is just the beginning of blockchain in education, it’s safe to say that we can expect many changes to follow. The technology has countless benefits that could affect every part of the human life and is still emerging. By tracking the current results, we can assume that this technology will significantly improve the traditional methods of data collection and transactions. If you aren’t convinced just yet, think BitCoin. That’s how powerful blockchain technology is.

How Can We Use Blockchain and Education for Best Results

It’s already proven that blockchain technology can bring some amazing changes to our world. It is known to make organization smoother in fields where this is more than just a preference, create better public services, improve the world of medicine, and lead to new inventions.

When it comes to education blockchain can be used in the following ways:

1. No More Degree Fraud

The blockchain technology can be used to track everything today. It’s a form of an e-book, an organizer that tracks what people sell and buy, and even their valuables – all to prevent conflict. It’s kind of like an advanced bank database, but so highly developed, people can’t hack into this.

Because of this, the technology will eliminate the degree fraud altogether. Sure, students will still be able to get some basic help. For example, it is a known fact today that Edubirdie helps to write an essay when the student cannot do this without help. This will still exist as an option, but students won’t be able to skip school and fake their diploma.

Right now, the technology is used to reduce the administrative costs and is bound to make the validation of certifications more secure. We expect it to establish a system that will allow academics and even employers to validate the knowledge of a student directly and effectively. The idea is to use this new technology to create an accurate registry of the students’ academic qualifications.

Now, here arises the privacy issue. However, this can be handled. There are some solutions such as encrypted qualifications and employers that receive a key that allows them to view the qualifications of a candidate for a limited amount of time.

Such technology will eliminate the privacy problem of making your CV public and eliminating your privacy altogether. By simply accessing the blockchain, academics and employers will finally be able to instantly check the progress and qualifications of their students or job candidates.

2. Identity Management

When you have different software and applications that help you manage your identity, you will experience a great deal of problems. But, with the help of accurate and all-in-one solution that includes the blockchain technology, this will be made much easier.

3. Pre-paid Cards

The blockchain technology includes the use of pre-paid cards. In the future, we can expect these cards to be used to access food supplies and other needs without the physical cash in people’s hands. Cards have already become the habit and the necessity of most people and very soon, they’ll become the same to students.

4. Data Storage

Cloud storage is currently the most flexible form of storing data. You can keep it safe in an online cloud, as well as access it from any device and location with an internet connection. The benefits of this are already visible, but they are bound to get only stronger in the future.

5. Detailed Checks

Students and educators can now enjoy the instant option of checking human resources-related information. Blackchain data lets people perform checks on school visitors, improves the communication between teachers and students, and boosts the employment process.

6. Keeping Records

Keeping records has been a challenge for a long time, and not just in the world of education. Mixing up files is a common occurrence even today. With the help of blockchain technology, the educational system can minimize and eliminate these kinds of errors, as well as make sure that the files are updated in real time. It’s an automated variant which reduces the chances of human error.


Blockchain technology has brought us some amazing changes that can improve education in a way that hasn’t been done before. To use these benefits it offers, we have to understand the technology and find the best ways to use them in our educational systems. It is about time that the education gets immersed in the new, modern world of blockchain technology.

Author’s Bio:
Robert Everett is a technology expert known as the ‘tech wiz’ in his company that works with programming. As an experienced person in the world of modern technology, his biggest focus at the moment is blockchain. You can read more of his articles and tweets here.


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