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When cryptocurrency first hit the public back in 2009 it was hard to see how it would become an actual “thing” and make all the progress it has. Today it has become more mainstream and its applications are only just being realized. Part of what is making cryptocurrency such a trend is the fact its uses and capabilities seem endless at the moment, as there are so many different ways it can be incorporated into different industries, processes, and people’s everyday lives.

One area that experts predict it will leave a positive mark is the education industry. While it may seem odd that cryptocurrency would have a place at all in this sector, in reality it has the ability to completely transform it and better it. Let’s take a closer look.

You’re In Control of Your Transcripts and Files

When it comes to landing that dream job straight out of school, it's quite common for your potential employer to ask for your student records and credentials. Without any on-the-job experience, these records can paint a very important picture for potential employers.

Let’s imagine you are gearing up to finish your MBA online program at the esteemed Walsh University,, and you’re already thinking about what comes next in terms of your future job. Wouldn’t it be great if you were the one in control of your transcript, the list of awards and achievements you’ve had, and your credentials so you can show it to potential employers whenever you see fit?

That is what cryptocurrency is aiming to make possible. Cryptocurrency uses blockchain, and it's this model that people can use to decentralize their school records and credentials. So, while the currency itself isn't being used, its model comes in very handy.

You May Be Able to Pay for Your University Education with Cryptocurrency

Then there is the simple notion that one day soon you may be able to in fact pay for your entire education using cryptocurrency. Take for example the City College of New York, which now accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment. Again, it can be a hard concept to get your head around but it seems to be the direction of the future. And this particular college isn't the only one accepting bitcoin, as there are now a number of other schools also following suit, which could just as easily start a trend within the education system.

Learn Blockchain in School

Then there is the notion that schools need to start looking into blockchain courses through school. Teaching students blockchain programming skills will only help cryptocurrency to grow and be that much more stable, with a broader cross-section of people who will understand how it’s done and how to use it.

It Will Continue to Play a Growing Role

As long as the tide continues to grow where cryptocurrency is concerned, you can expect it to play a bigger and bigger role in education. What makes it so interesting is the fact it is being used in so many different ways, and really leaving a mark on all aspects of teaching and learning.

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