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As a bitcoin trader or collector, you have no doubt already spent some time idly daydreaming about what you’ll do when your big cash payday comes. The problem is that bitcoin growth can be slow to achieve. However, this shouldn’t stop you thinking about investment. Any profits that you generate now could benefit you in a wide variety of ways, no matter how slim those margins might be. Depending on the market prices, the profits from bitcoin can vary, and that will mean choosing where to invest much more wisely. If you're wondering what to do with your bitcoin windfall, then here are the best and safest places to invest.

Investment in you

If you're committed to cryptocurrency as a money-maker, then it’s wise to consider simply reinvesting your profits directly back into bitcoin. You could do this in two ways. The first is to simply buy more bitcoin, obviously choosing the right time to buy at the best prices. Alternatively, it might be worth looking at investing in your future. A better computer, paid servers, or even bitcoin community memberships are all perfectly valid ways to re-invest. As always, cryptocurrency investment always carries an element of risk, so if your first windfall was more luck than judgment, then this might not be the best option.

Create a team

Money generates money, and the more people that you have behind you, the more chance you have to improve your potential for profit. If you look at how businesses work, you’ll see that one of the first things that they invest in is their workforce. From hiring new people to investing in training, the best businesses understand that employees are the backbone of any venture. You can emulate this by using your profits to hire people to do the less important tasks. For mining or for cash management, having a teamwork via your expertise and experience is a good way to ensure that your first bitcoin windfall is not the last.

Hard investment

It could be that you are happy with the way that you accumulate bitcoin profits, and have no need of expanding your operation. Instead, you should look at ways to invest your money in long-term and safe purchases. While stock markets and bitcoin values fluctuate, there are products and materials available where the prices remain largely consistent. One of the most popular investment options is in gold. That has been standard practice for generations, as gold rarely loses substantial value. In the digital age, investing in gold is even more fruitful, as it is now easier than ever to find outlets that will buy gold at consistently good prices. Look at the types of gold that you can buy that will hold the most value, and you will be protecting yourself for the future.

In the bank

It should go without saying that one of the safest places to keep your money is in a bank. This may seem like slightly odd advice for those investing in cryptocurrency! As bitcoin acts as a counter-response to the complexities of worldwide banking institutions, the fact is that there are ways to store your money in banks that will also generate profits. Look for high-yield checking accounts, or savings accounts with highinterest rates. It may not be as romantic as buying gold, or as proactive as investing in a better computer system, but the benefits can far outweigh the potential for loss. Do some research on the best account type to have, and assess how much of your windfall you will deposit. The more a bank holds for you, the higher your interest will be, and that will give you greater, more reliable profits.

Selling your experience

If you have made money using bitcoin then you have experience and knowledge that other people want. Update your resume and ensure that your social media profiles are showing that experience. Once you have done that, you can start using your profit generation as the foundation of a new career direction. If you are set on crypto investment for the future, then having a wide audience that are keen to hear the views and opinions of someone who has already made money in bitcoin, can be a way of generating more income. Cryptocurrency websites and companies are looking for experts, and if you have landed with a healthy profit margin then chances are high that they will want to hear from you. You could end up writing about your experiences or being paid for your opinions. Always think of the most beneficial ways to use your bitcoin windfall, and that doesn’t always mean using the money itself.


Don’t make the mistake of many bitcoin investors of assuming that one windfall makes you the definitive expert. There is always something new to learn. Invest in learning more, and your ability to make even more money grows. You could use your bitcoin profits to pay for college classes, or even use it to take a break from work and fund your lifestyle as you commit to online study. For those pursuing a future of trading cryptocurrency, it’s always worth knowing more. There are a wide variety of courses and classes available, and you don’t have to stick to those that are focused specifically on digital currency either. Think outside the box, and you might find that business classes or marketing courses can help you with your ongoing bitcoin investments.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to use all of your profits from bitcoin immediately. It’s never been more important to have a cash buffer against the world. While reinvestment and buying goods that will accumulate value is wise, always ensure that you have enough money to cover your daily costs. Don’t rush to diversify, and always have a firm plan for the future in mind. The more that you plan, the more likely you will have further bitcoin success. That could make all of the difference to your bank balance and your future.

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