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The Bitcoin frenzy engulfed the entire world in the past couple of years that many people started investing a few dollars in the cryptocurrency. While a few used their dollars to invest, many others looked for ways to earn Bitcoin online as an additional means to create cash. With some bitcoin in their wallets, many wonder if they should wait to cash when the coin rises again or if they should spend it. If you find yourself in this bracket and you are seriously considering the latter i.e. spending your coins, then you should consider reading this piece as we highlight the top places that you can use your Bitcoin for recreational purposes.


One of the best things that you can do using your bitcoin is to play a game or two online. The beauty of gaming is that it appeals to everyone, be it the young, the old, male or female. In order to use your coins in gaming, you can check out, a blackjack review site that features Bitcoin casinos that allow you to deposit and then wager using Bitcoin. Gaming is a great way of ‘using’ your coins because it does not only provide you with the entertainment element, but it also allows you to stand a chance of winning even more Bitcoin. This then means that even though your intention may have been looking for a way to kill some time while spending your coins, in the end, you may actually end up killing time and earn Bitcoin instead of spending it!


Another wonderful recreational activity that many people engage in is travelling. Travelling can be short distance i.e. visiting local attractions in your city or neighbouring cities, or it can be long distance i.e. going to far away attractions in distant countries. Regardless of whether you want to engage in short or long distance travelling, you can plan your trip from start to end using Bitcoin. This is made possible by some top travelling agencies that allow you to book flights, rent cars, book hotels and shop for your souvenirs using Bitcoin. Some travel agencies have also increased their focus and now allow you to pay for the activities that you want to undertake using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Adult Entertainment

Those that want to indulge in adult entertainment can do so secretively with the use of Bitcoin. Anonymity is one of the key factors when it comes to adult entertainment and thanks to the anonymous nature of Bitcoin transactions, Bitcoin users can now visit adult shops and purchase sex toys and spend time online using cryptocurrencies without the fear of being detected. Bitcoin users can also get exclusive passes at some porn sites simply by subscribing using Bitcoin. Those who want escort services can also visit several sites where they can pay for such services using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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