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Since its creation in 2009, Bitcoin has caused a lot of stir in the world. It's a constantly growing cryptocurrency that has been considered a ‘bubble’ countless times yet it’s still here. Banks hate it simply because it doesn’t follow their rules. There are many businesses that accept Bitcoin, however, which shows there are people ready to embrace the new age of finance.

Just like Bitcoin, the digital marketing industry has grown substantially in the past decade. Digital marketing agencies such as 2o are offering their services to any businesses that need a boost in sales or promotion of a new product. In the past, new products were advertised on billboards and newspapers, but right now, your best bet is to pay professionals to promote it online.

There are numerous factors why the marriage between digital marketing and Bitcoin may be perfect. Bitcoin has opened up a completely new way of transactions in a time where this ecosystem desperately needed changes. Bitcoin offers a variety of positive things to businesses – the blockchain is pretty secure, there are low transaction fees, an easily available trail of currency and best of all, instant transactions. So, why are businesses still hesitant to use the cryptocurrency? It’s simple – money still runs the world.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin in Digital Marketing

First and foremost, companies that accept Bitcoin will be seen as riding the wave of the future. They will look innovative in the eyes of customers and will get a lot of recognition from the public. This kind of publicity can be boosted by putting out a press release which explains the decision and adding a logo to their branding. Don't underestimate the power of the logo – a tiny Bitcoin badge on your website could bring your marketing agency hundreds of new clients and followers on social media profiles.

Blockchain, the publicly distributed ledger Bitcoin uses, can be used to complete negotiations between businesses. The data will be publicly available and the money trail easily visible, preventing any shady transactions.

Of course, safety is one of the primary concerns when anyone makes a financial transaction. Bitcoin offers superb data security as there’s no personal payment information stored on the blockchain. In this way, the cryptocurrency is protecting your company from data theft.

Additionally, you can even monetize content in order to earn Bitcoin and pay users in the cryptocurrency for visiting certain websites and pages. Bitcoin can be easily monetized – you just h ave to think of an innovative way to do it.

The potential of using Bitcoin to run an expanding global billion-dollar mobile advertising industry is right in front of us, but only if everyone in digital marketing starts accepting it. There are many companies which already do and many businesses are intrigued by the idea. Still, giants in the industry are staying away from the cryptocurrency right now, which can be a mistake that’ll cost them dearly in the future. Accept Bitcoin now, and you may be on the first flight to a new and exciting world.


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