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Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and since then has established itself as the major cryptocurrency in the world. Making transfers easier than ever before, cryptocurrency wallets have become the newest trend when we talk about making deposits and withdrawals at online bookmakers, casinos and poker rooms.

What makes cryptocurrencies so valuable for betting fans is the fact that you do not need any intermediaries. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not regulated from governments, central banks or any other administrators. The peer-to-peer network of Bitcoin makes transfers from your cryptocurrency wallet to your sportsbook account fast, convenient and, most notable - untraceable.

One of the things most players with Bitcoin wallets search for is a bookmaker with a dedicated Android or iOS app with a customer-friendly interface.What we have found until now, after reading a dozen of sports betting reviews of trustworthy bookmakers, is that the William Hill mobile app is surely one of the most reliable and player-friendly apps we came across at Efirbet.

You may ask why most players with cryptocurrency wallets are looking for a bookmaker or an online casino that offers a quality mobile app? Well, the answer is easy - people who use Bitcoin are around 30 or 40 years old and simply do not have the time to stay at home to place bets or play slot machines. Most of the time, those kind of people are somewhere outside and when the opportunity arises, they would just like to place a bet or two. A quality mobile app will spare them a lot of time and will surely make their lives easier.

When speaking about mobile betting with Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, we cannot pass the most used wallet so far - the Bitcoin Wallet. It can be downloaded from the official Bitcoin page at and supports literally all mobile platforms - Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. To be sure you have the genuine wallet be sure to download it from your device respective store - Google Play, App Store or WIndows Store. You can also directly the Android APK from the site as well, which will spare you a couple of minutes.

Keep in mind, however, that using a Bitcoin Wallet from your mobile device is prone to hackers attacks and you can eventually lose your wallet if someone has access to your phone or tablet. Even so, the convenience that wallet apps provide is so far unmatched by any other Bitcoin Wallet.

Of course, if you are afraid for your Bitcoins, you can use other types of Bitcoin Wallets like Paper Wallets, a Physical Bitcoin or a Hardware Wallet. From all wallets mentioned, we must admit that the Hardware Wallet is definitely the most secured one with no registered incidents known so far. Keep in mind that none of these will have the benefits of the App-based wallets and you will have to use your bank account or PayPal to fund your betting or casino account.

Think carefully before choosing the type of your Bitcoin Wallet - after all, if you decided to use it for betting, then it should bring you only pleasant memories.

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