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When you first start a new business, there are many challenges that you will face. Finding funding for your company, researching competition, and implementing effective marketing are all hurdles to overcome, and any one of them can spell disaster if not handled properly. It’s why you should consider any idea that might help your company to get off the ground. Although you might not realize it, using bitcoin from an early stage in your company can have many benefits.


Any company that wants to grow their brand needs to have an effective marketing strategy. Hopefully, you have already created your strategy before starting the business, and bitcoins can indirectly be an advantage. If you are planning on accepting them from the beginning as payment for goods, then you need to advertise the fact. Make it part of your campaign to tell your customers that you accept bitcoin along with your other payment methods. The fact that you accept bitcoin will automatically make your company stand out from others and attract customers that use the currency.

Dealing with Suppliers

There are a couple of ways that using Bitcoin can help your relationship with suppliers. Firstly, setting up new contracts with vendors can be a long and laborious process. It often means involving lawyers which takes time and money. However, there are alternatives such as smart contracts which use a blockchain. These contracts are set up by detailing what will be supplied and what will be paid in bitcoins. Once the conditions of the contract are met, the payment is made automatically. Because they use the blockchain like bitcoin, the contract cannot be altered once it's submitted. If you are dealing with overseas suppliers, then using bitcoin as payment can be a lot quicker and easier than traditional payments. You don’t have to wait for the banks to process the payments as its all done instantly.

Paying Bills

Once you start to accept bitcoins, you will want to be able to use them in your business. Thankfully, more companies are now starting to accept them as payment for goods and services. It means you can not only use them with your suppliers, but you can also use them with some energy companies. There are also some companies where you can buy BTC and then use them with a bitcoin debit card. The card will convert the bitcoin into local currency before paying the invoice.

Faster Payments

Many companies are starting to see the benefits of using and accepting bitcoin because the payment system is much faster. Because there are no banks involved, there is little to no lag between payment and receiving the money. The fees involved are usually a lot smaller than those with traditional payments, and in some cases, it’s free.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is becoming a hugely beneficial currency for the small business. Because it can deal with payments so quickly, it makes managing the budget for your company a whole lot easier.

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