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Over recent times more and more people have found out about Bitcoin thanks to the mainstream spotlight finally shining on what is the leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, as most of us will know, is the original cryptocurrency to come into existence and for many years remained an underground phenomenon. It has inspired many other cryptos over the years and while many see Bitcoin as simply an alternative way to pay for goods or services, there are many other fascinating ways in which it can be used.

Ever wanted to go to space?

Virgin Galactic, the space travel company owned by Richard Branson, announced nearly five years ago that they would be accepting Bitcoin payments from anyone wishing to book a trip into outer space. Several interested parties, including future astronauts, have already booked their tickets, in spite of the fact that no trips have been successfully launched just yet.

Can you afford to buy luxury goods?

If you have Bitcoin, and plenty of it, you will probably have heard of de Louvois. De Louvois describes itself as a “Bitcoin elite marketplace” and customers have access to fine art, antiques and collectibles, cars, real estate and much more. It’s a marketplace purely for those rich in Bitcoin, and if you fancy buying a Lamborghini, you can.

Truckers love Bitcoin

We do know Bitcoin as a currency that in actual fact is very convenient for a number of different reasons. Truck and long-distance drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and it is not really ideal, or safe, for them to carry huge amounts of cash. Therefore, many of them are paid in Bitcoin, which comes in handy when you are miles away from a cash point too.

Bitcoin could transform gambling

One industry where Bitcoin has already had a real impact is the online gaming and betting sector. Not only can operators set up their own online gaming service with it, and accept Bitcoin as a payment method, but players in countries where online gambling is prohibited can finally gamble as they wish. Bitcoin allows true anonymity for both user and operator, with fast deposits and pay-outs, and no chargebacks.

Need to hide your assets in a flash?

There are many reasons as to why someone may wish to hide their assets. They could be looking to not let their future or current spouse in on their true net worth, or they may wish to hide their assists from a business partner. With there being no connection between a person and their Bitcoin wallet, due to the anonymity provided, they could store their assets as Bitcoin. This would keep them safe and away from prying eyes until they are needed; plus there are many options when it comes to safely storing your bitcoins.

So, as you can see, there really are some truly fascinating ways in which we can put Bitcoin to good use. A lot of them stem from the advantages of using the leading cryptocurrency on the market such as anonymity and it’s very likely that we will be able to enjoy even more wonderful ways to employ bitcoin.

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