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It can be difficult to get a firm understanding of cryptocurrency. For those with a less than stellar understanding of basic technology, looking into digital finances can often seem like a never-ending stream of incomprehensible words and phrases that can be immediately off-putting for those looking into the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. While the swift increase of interest in the digital transaction tech has caught the attention of banks, regulators and the media, for the layman it can be quite challenging and intimidating to explore the possibilities and make the first steps towards becoming part of the financial revolution. As popularity and interest continue to grow, there are still many that believe that digital currency is a passing fad, or even worse, some kind of Ponzi scheme.

The rise of Bitcoin

While there are many options to choose from when it comes to buying your first crypto coins, by far the most popular is Bitcoin. Created in 2009 by someone using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin and the other forms of coin are an attempt at circumnavigating traditional banking institutes in a way that allows for greater control of your finances and a high level of anonymity at the same time. While Bitcoin may be the most prolific of the available digital coins available, with over 3000 digital currency options now in use, it’s clear that there is an ever-increasing interest in the potential for this decentralized currency.

What do you need?

You need to do some basic research before you decide to invest in digital currency. Your first step is to decide which of the currency types to opt for, however, the vast majority of people settle with Bitcoin due to its popularity. Once you’ve decided, you should invest and buy bitcoin, using management resources to help you manage and secure your transactions. If you’re just starting to explore the notion of cryptocurrency, then you will need to invest in a wallet where you can store your digital finances safely and securely. Find out about the differences between hot and cold wallets, and you’ll reduce the risk of falling victim to opportunistic cybercriminals keen to take advantage of those that are less security aware.

Online safety

Cybercriminals play an increasing role in the daily headlines, and for those wishing to transfer finances to an online wallet, online security is key to remaining as safe as possible. The possibilities and benefits of cryptocurrency are making it far more likely that the technology will continue to grow in popularity, but that popularity will always attract scammers. Using tools such as two-factor verification can drastically reduce your potential vulnerabilities, and using a secure wallet provider can also minimize your risks. As well as your online wallet, many users are also utilizing hardware wallets such as USB drives, where their data and finances can be kept significantly safer, and provide an extra layer of protection that cannot be hacked by even the most tech-aware thieves.

Cryptocurrency is growing in popularity because it is a safe way to transfer and look after your finances that removes the necessity of banks. While the encryption software used in transactions and data storage makes data breaches significantly more difficult, only by using the available security resources and the best online safety protocols will you remain protected at all times.


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