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Crystals and minerals have long been heralded for their unique healing and influential powers — even the earliest generations had a closeness with stones.

These days, the understanding of — and practice of using — crystals is often dismissed by people in everyday life; seen, instead, as an interest of spiritual societies only. However, Ancient Egyptians – from whom the first recorded use of crystals come from — had it right about mascara, paper and written communication, so perhaps we shouldn’t dismiss crystals and minerals. Indeed, some are incredibly rare and worth a lot of money; as International brief recently reported, there are minerals on Earth that appear nowhere else in the universe. Furthermore, some of the associated powers of these stones could be very useful in business.

Silver and gold: inexpensive, but influential

Commonly worn metals and minerals, silver andgold, are more than readily available in jewelry form. You should consider wearing silver if you work in a job that demands empathy and emotional understanding, as it’s related to lunar, feminine energy. Gold, on the other hand, powers solar energy; associated with vitality and energy, perfect to support you in a fast-paced, competitive working environment.

Jade for clarity of thought

When driving a business forward, you need to be able to see the path ahead clearly; to theroadmap and proceed with certainty in deals and contracts. Keeping Jade in your office will provide clarity of thought — and blue Jade, in particular, will allow you to see without bias, and judge situations at face value.

Agate for communication and confidence

Agate, and specifically Blue Lace Agate, works by improving communication; making you a clearer, driven and more motivating manager or boss. Communication is absolutely vital in business because companies rely on people interconnecting and strong inter-relations, often across the globe and across cultures. As such, communication is the lifeblood of business.

Whether you’re a manager or junior executive, you should lead by example with strong communication, powered by Agate.

Adamite to strengthen your perseverance

Whether you directly work in the creative industries of not, at times your job will require you to think creatively: to problem solve or spot new development opportunities. Adamite is widely considered to have mineral powers that increase creativity and enthusiasm, as well as perseverance — a key characteristic in business, as it’s not always smooth sailing.

Rhodonite to help you discover hidden talents

Sometimes, you’ll get stuck in a rut professionally and need to identify a new career path. If you’re caught in a situation similar to this, turning to Rhodonite may enable you to discover hidden talents and allow them to shine through.

Open your mind to crystals and minerals in business

You don’t need to have stones out on display for them to do some good — even kept away in a drawer you should be influenced by their healing and character-building abilities. Try to put aside any prejudgments you may have about the use of crystals and minerals, and see if they can help you in your professional life.


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