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A thank you can go a long way in business. It not only confirmsthat you are a caring company, but it will also make a client believe they are more than just a number on your database. If you want to express your gratitude and improve your brand’s reputation, find out how to reward your clients for their custom.

Send a Handwritten Note

One old-fashioned technique that still works today is a handwritten note, which must be personalized towards the recipient to appear genuine. Don’t just say “thank you for your business”, but instead highlight why their custom has been so beneficial to your company. It’s a personal touch that could help you retain their loyalty.

Offer Event Tickets

If you really want to make a great impression with a client, all you need to do is treat them with tickets to an upcoming event. Find Ticket sales online and surprise your clients with sought-after tickets to various shows, such as an upcoming baseball game, a concert, or a popular theatre production. You can guarantee they will appreciate the kind thought, so it’s a great way to hold onto an important customer.

Send an Industry Book

Have you read an influential book that changed your life? Do you know a good industry book you think a client might like? Send them a copy. Not only will it prove thatyou’re dedicated to helping your client flourish, but it will also provide an insight into your company culture – which will make them want to use your services. Don’t forget to include a personalized note in the book, too, so they’ll know this thoughtful gesture is only for them.

Provide a Free Upgrade

You can guarantee your clients will want to save money whileimproving their own businesses. Reward them for their loyalty by providing them with a free upgrade, so they will continue to invest in your services while enjoying a great discount. It will also highlight that you continually attempt to take your goods and services to the next level, so they’ll never be tempted to turn to your industry rivals.

Refer Customers to Your Clients

While it’s nice to treat your clients whenever possible, there might be no greater thank you than referring customers to their business. Referring clients to one another will allow companies to grow from strength to strength. Becoming their brand ambassador will not only be a great way to thank them for their continual custom, but they’ll also be less tempted to leave if you’re directing business in their direction. You could even add a ‘Partner’ or ‘Affiliate’ page on your website, which will provide a backlink back to their site.

Invite Your Client to an Industry Event

Are you due to host an upcoming industry event? Don’t forget to invite your clients. After all, they are a core aspect of your business. It will show that you care about their business, and it will also provide a networking opportunity, as you can learn more about them outside of a workplace setting. What’s more, it will provide a client with an opportunity to mingle with like-minded people and potentially expand their business.


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