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If you are wondering what journaling has to do with marketing, perhaps you have never been asked to record your thoughts in a journal. Every good marketing pro would do well to keep a journal because of the many benefits to be derived from keeping those ‘thoughts’ handy to be recalled when you can strategize with them. New to the concept of keeping a marketing journal? Here are 3good reasons why you should keep a journal.

1. Never Lose Those Thoughts on the Fly

When you are in the field of marketing, your brain never shuts down. It seems like you are in auto drive 24/7 so that ideas and strategies seem to strike you at the most inopportune times. You finally get back to your desk only to realise you have forgotten your train of thought.

Now you spend wasted time trying to recall just what it was you had formulated and worse yet, what led to that thought process. With a journal, you can simply leave a few notes which you can pick up later when you are in a place to work unencumbered by noise and interruptions.

2. Tracking Ideas That Led to Success

Most marketing pros today straddle the divide between traditional marketing and digital marketing, but in either case, it is important to track the thought processes that led to a successful marketing campaign. You may remember developing the strategy, but what led you to believe it would work?

If you kept a journal, you’d be able to track every step from inception to deployment and beyond. However, this may put a digital marketing agency at a disadvantage if they don’t use the right kind of journal. Intellectual property needs to be kept secure always.If proper steps are taken to avoid intellectual theft, a journal is a digital marketer’s best friend. It can’t be said enough how important it is to follow ideas that worked and to learn from those that failed you.

3. The Right Kind of Journaling Keeps Your Intellectual Property Safe from Hacks

Oddly, we have come to think of ‘hacking’ as something which can only be done in the digital realm. Actually, any hardbound journal can be ‘hacked’ in the urban understanding of the word. That is why so many people don’t use an online journal but, the right site has extra security layers, double password protection and other measures which keep your private thoughts just that, private.

In reality, it is easier to pick up a hardcopy to read than it is to get into a digital journal, so the right kind of journal can keep your intellectual property safe for reference as needed. That’s the very best reason why marketing pros should use digital journaling. Even so, no matter how you approach it, keeping a journal can help you be more efficient when strategizing your marketing campaigns. By having access to your thoughts no matter where you are, or what you are doing, you can expand on them as new ideas arise. Turn your busy life into a productive life.

Think of your journal as a chart you can track, and it makes sense why you would want to keep note of the process along the way.


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