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Bitcoin’s rise in the past couple of years has been nothing but exceptional. Experts and investors are hard to come by, but those who do know the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency predicted the rise of the coin. Around 2014 many expected Bitcoin to rise by 500 percent, and since then it has smashed all expectations, just going to show Bitcoin’s remarkable value.

When you quickly glance at how you can get hold of the precious Bitcoins online, you’ll find two factors: mining and trading. You’ll think to yourself, I might be a good gamer but not that experienced in solving mathematical equations (mining) or in changing and exchanging currencies when they rise or fall (trading). If you this resonates with you, don’t be worried, because you can still use your gaming skills to earn some Bitcoin.


Playing the lottery is one of the world’s oldest pastimes. Predicting the lottery numbers is a game of pure chance and luck, however, there are some who seem to be visited by Lady Luck more often than others. If you are touched by Lady Luck and you need some Bitcoin, head over to American lotto where you’ll stand a chance of winning some BTC.

Table games

The internet is now overflowing with online casinos offering all sorts of promotional offers and bonuses. From the thousands, if not millions, of online casinos that pop up when you search Google, you’ll find that most of them accept Bitcoin as a medium of exchange and you can actually withdraw your winnings in BTC. Besides the casinos that provides Bitcoin as a currency option, there are some casinos that only trades in Bitcoin. Regardless of which one you choose, you can still play virtually every table for Bitcoin from roulette, baccarat, craps, and blackjack among others.

Sports games

Last but not least, sportsbooks are now also offering Bitcoin as a payment method. Whether you prefer betting on conventional sports games such as football, hockey, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis, baseball and basketball or you are more of a fantasy sports fan, there’s a sportsbook out there that can pay you in Bitcoin when you win. The tide is also slowly turning to esports as we see more game developers muting adopting Bitcoin as a payment method.

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