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As bitcoin prices have almost tripled within the past year, many cryptocurrency followers are hoping to capitalize on its financial growth potential. Unfortunately, the rise in popularity is resulting in cybercriminals attempting to steal funds. For this reason, you must learn how to safely store your bitcoins.

Cloud Hosting Wallet

Cloud computing has risen in popularity in recent years, as it allows users to gain access to their data from any device, anywhere in the world, if they have an internet connection. You can, therefore, be just a few clicks away from gaining access to your bitcoins.

Cloud computing is also now more secure than ever, as you simply need to strengthen your security to store your bitcoins safely. For example, visit Skyhigh Networks to find out more regarding aws security best practices to protect your account.

Desktop Wallet

There are multiple benefits of choosing a desktop wallet to store your bitcoins. The biggest reason is the funds can only be accessed via a private computer, and a user will need to enter personal security keys to enter the machine. However, the funds can still be stolen if malware is downloaded onto your machine, as cybercriminals can monitor your keystrokes on your device to gain access to your bitcoins.

Hardware Wallet

A hardware wallet is a little more secure than a desktop wallet, as it is less vulnerable to a cyberattack. You simply will store the bitcoins in an external device, such as a USB stick, which you can carry on your person. Also, as there are no personal details located within the hardware, a hacker could not identify the data. You must store the device in a safe location to ensure the safety of the cryptocurrency; however, you can recover any lost funds using a seed phrase.

Paper Wallet

A paper wallet is a bitcoin seed written in a specific way on a piece of paper. Despite their dependability, they do require in-depth knowledge of how digital currencies work. You will also need to create a paper wallet by either generating a wallet offline or using various dedicated websites. However, when executed effectively, they can provide complete anonymity.

Physical Coins

Bitcoins are no longer a sole form of digital currency. There are now many services emerging that can now provide bitcoin investors with physical bitcoins. Each coin you receive will feature a tamper-proof sticker, which will also detail a predetermined amount on the bitcoin. However, to receive a physical bitcoin, you may need to pay a higher premium that exceeds the value of the bitcoin value you have purchased, which will cover the cost of both the manufacturing and shipment of the cryptocurrency.


It is important to identify the best storage option for your needs before you invest in bitcoin. You must also remember that you can never store the bitcoin itself, as it is not an object. It is simply an encrypted address on the blockchain. You will simply own a unique key to unlock the bitcoin location – so it’s a little like storing a key to a safe, and it’s the key that will need effectively storing to protect your bitcoins.

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