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Serve Customers on a Global Scale

While many customers around the world rely on PayPal and the like to pay for goods and services, many other consumers don’t have that option. Bitcoin doesn’t require personal information, therefore, it’s a payment option that everyone with at least an internet connection can take advantage of. This could, in turn, help you serve customers on a global scale and open your products and services to customers around the world.

Improve Trustworthiness Among customers

There was a time when many consumers didn’t like the thought of using Bitcoin, mainly because it didn’t require any personal information to use. However, consumers are now seeing the benefits of that, and so are many businesses around the world. Bitcoin can help secure information because it doesn’t require it. This could, and should, help you build better relationships with your clients from the get-go.

Give Your Customers More Option

Not everyone uses PayPal and Skrill to process online payments. In fact, some people can’t even use it because of the country they reside in. If you’ve got an online MBA degree obtained from an online MBA program, you’ll know how multiple options in terms of payment can help increase custom.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

While many businesses have already integrated Bitcoin as a primary payment method for their customers, many other businesses are yet to do it. You’ll instantly have an added advantage over your competitors as soon as you enable the payment method on your site. If customers go to your competitor’s first to find they don’t accept Bitcoin – they’ll come knocking on your door instead. You’ll instantly boost conversions if consumers see you accept Bitcoin as a payment.

Save Money on Ridiculous Fees

Businesses that now use PayPal and other e-currency payment methods are being bombarded with ridiculous fees. Many businesses who used to sell on eBay no longer do it because they can’t make a profit with the PayPal fees. With Bitcoin at your disposal, there are multiple wallets that don’t charge a fee for sending and receiving payments. Some other wallets only charge flat, easy to understand rates that are the fraction of the cost of the rates of PayPal. Bitcoin could also save you a lot of money and, given the fact the payment method is becoming more and more popular, it could somedaybe one of the most popular e-currency/cryptocurrencies available.

Don’t fall behind your competitors by not offering Bitcoin as a payment method. After all, Bitcoin doesn’t cost anything to implement and it could be the savior that sets your business apart from its competitors.

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