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The mission at is to bring a better understanding of crypto currency to the traditional fiat global community.

The operators of this new Crypto focused station believe that through a widely accepted medium like radio (online radio) they can deliver a better understanding of a miss understood currency, and debunk the fear of doing business with it. Since the introduction of Bitcoin, crypto has been stuck in a world of online traders with very few willing to deliver goods and services in exchange for crypto, they believe they can change that perception by focusing on tearing down the walls of mistrust, skepticism, and ignorance that crypto is currently surrounded by to the typical consumer. There is a world out there which is evolving, cryptocurrency will one day be how we buy our homes, pay our car insurance, and give our children allowance, its how a younger generation will make the physical borders of business irrelevant, and will be the place where people will turn to get honest, accurate information, and listen to some great music along the way.

After completing 3 soft launches of which were broadcast 100% LIVE, starting October 1st will begin its 5 day a week schedule consisting of shows that will engage its audience by offering the opportunity for callers to call in live for discussion on various topics, to hosting Live DJ's, and even giving aspiring musicians the chance to be hard by people around the world.

While Cryptradio works on building up its brand it plans to also solicit business around the world by offering free advertising with only once commitment from that business, they must accept some form of Crypto currency as part of their payment options. While there is other stations on the net offering the typical daily crypto news, and playing music, offers something a little more familiar to all potential listeners. They offer fun personalities like Lee who hosts the Fight Club every Wed and Sunday, a show that encourages its listeners to call in and give their thoughts and views on the various topics of the day, as well as plain old good music from way back play backs, to the hottest club tracks. No question it will take hard work for the operators and hosts of CryptRadio to earn the trust of the crypto community, but with strong integrity and fun platform for all listeners there is no question this station will only see it's popularity grow and along with it the Crypto community as well.

Stay tuned:

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