Truly anonymous virtual desktops.

Desktify is a virtual disposable desktop service. Virtual means that it is created and destroyed on demand in the cloud. Disposable means that it's intended to be used once (for as many hours as you wish though) and then it's thrown away.

Desktify provides a guaranteed clean, unmonitored desktop that you can count on at any time. When you create a new desktop instance it's ready to use - it comes with lots of preconfigured software so you can start using it right away. Other than software, the desktop has nothing: There wasn't a previous user (because it was created for you in that very moment), and you don't have to worry about leaving data behind. The virtual computer your desktop runs on will be destroyed when you are done. You can use it to get a safe environment from anywhere. In many places (corporations, cybercafes, hotels...) you can't really be sure if what you are doing is being recorded or not. However when you connect to Desktify only the connection to it can be logged, but not what you are doing - be it just browsing some sites you prefer to keep to yourself, sending personal emails or accessing your bank, to name a few typical privacy sensitive activities.

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