Custom - hand crafted - Inviting Experiences for life's best moments.

I’m Matthew, head of the press at a fine press. I’m a jazz bassist by education (did you know they give advanced degrees in jazz?!) and have been playing since middle school.

When we collaborate on your stationery, it’s a little like playing jazz. We’ll improvise and rearrange. You’ll start a riff and we’ll run with it. However the process, you can guarantee it’ll never happen just like that again.

And that’s what’s special about a fine press. We don’t sell you templates or pre-packaged ideas. Every piece we produce is improvised for our clients and you’ll never see anyone else with your invitations.

If you play, bring your axe to one of our consultations; we’ll jam a little while and then get down to business.

And if you need a band for cocktail hour, you can check out my band.

Address: 331 S Florida Ave, Lakeland, Florida 33801, USA

Phone: +1 253 237 4636

site link:



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