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As Bitcoin (BTC) becomes more and more popular and is spreading around the world, more and more people are asking, "Where and what can I buy for Bitcoin? So, today the market offers the widest range of products and services for cryptocurrency not only in the digital environment but also in many offline places. Over 100,000 stores around the world accept bitcoin as payment. The only thing is that the variety of such offers and their number depend on the attitude of authorities towards the cryptographic industry.

Real Estate

There are already quite a few real estate companies on the market trading for BTC. For example, the company Knox Group since 2017 offers modern apartments in Dubai (UAE).

Magnum Real Estate, a New York-based real estate agency, also offers its clients the opportunity to pay with the most popular cryptographic currency.

Like real estate, cars are increasingly becoming objects that can be bought for bitcoins. This is mainly true for premium cars. The first purchase of a high-end Lamborghini for Bitcoin was made in the Lamborghini Newport Beach, located in the State of California. The lucky man was a crypto millionaire and 35-year-old programmer Peter Saddington.

Other private dealerships are also accepted for cars, such as:

  • Ford Sam's Pack, Dallas;
  • Bitcar;
  • Tomcar with SUVs (Melbourne);
  • BitPremier with Ferrari, Bentleys and even Hennessey Venom GT;
  • Overland Park Jeep Dodge Ram Chrysler with jeeps (Kansas).


Universities have always been important centers for adopting and implementing new technologies, and Bitcoin was no exception. Back in 2013, a Cypriot university announced that students were now able to pay for their studies with Bitcoins. A year later, such well-known educational institutions as the American Kings College and the English University of Cumbria also began to accept the cryptographic currency along with the usual dollars and euros.

Today many universities and colleges in Europe accept Bitcoin as the currency to pay tuition fees. Among the most famous are Varna University in Bulgaria, the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, and the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne in Switzerland.

Video games, films, and apps

Microsoft, for example, offers video games, movies, and applications for bitcoins and allows you to use crypto coins to top up your account. Earlier, the corporation stopped accepting cryptocurrencies but soon resumed them.

Bitcoin exchangers

However, paying with Bitcoins for a cup of coffee today is too expensive. Among the reasons are low speed and high transaction costs. It is much easier to convert the crypt currency into "live" money. There are several ways to do that.

One of them is through crypt currency exchanges, such as Bitfinex, Users registered on them can sell cryptocurrency on the exchange, and then withdraw the appropriate amount in dollars, euros to their bank card tied to their exchange accounts.

Another way is to convert virtual money into real money through so-called exchangers. These are intermediary services, with the help of which you can withdraw funds from the sale of cryptocurrencies to ordinary electronic wallets. Hiribi will perfectly cope with this task.


The main reasons that prevent the mass introduction of crypt currency as a means of calculation are high volatility, large transfer fees and lack of clear regulation by the states.
However, the crypto industry is very dynamic and rapidly developing. Now, many teams and individual developers are actively working to remove the above barriers, and more and more stores and other institutions enthusiastically declare: "Bitcoin Accepted Here", so the efforts of crypto market adherents to promote decentralized assets and platforms have good results.

The boom has not come yet, but it is bound to happen, given the convenience and simplicity of payment transactions.

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