Cryptoart is a wallet. It safely stores digital currency, like Bitcoin, in an expressive and collectible form.

Store Money
The QR code on the front is your public address (works like a bank account number). It can be shared with others. Send Bitcoin to the address using your favorite mobile Bitcoin wallet app.

Once on the art piece, your Bitcoin is safe from hackers and hardware malfunction. As long as the Bitcoin network exists, you can redeem it!

Advanced users that wish to store more than a nominal amount are suggested to exchange the private key and QR code. This can be done without damaging the art piece.

Retrieve Money
On the back of the art piece is a security sticker. Use the code (called a private key) under the sticker to retrieve the funds with your favorite Bitcoin wallet software.

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A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

The original Bitcoin paper by Satoshi Nakamoto

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with a credit/debit card in over 200 countries

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For the 1st transaction with a new card transfer an amount between 10 USD and 100 USD. The second purchase can be made in 4 days (200 USD Limit). The third payment can be made in 7 days (500 USD Limit).
If your card account currency is other than USD, conversion will be completed at a rate of your bank.

Alternatively you can click here Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Bitcoin in the real world

Bitcoin in the real world

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