Tenant screening services including landlord credit check, eviction and criminal.

Earn $15 each time you screen tenants. (Some people may choose to transfer the $15 they make per tenant screening report to bitcoin!)

Zumper Pro now offers full tenant screening. Landlords, Brokers, and Property Managers can receive a completed rental application and a full screening report (tenant credit check and tenant background check, including eviction and criminal) simply by entering the e-mail address of an applicant into our website.

Once you place your tenant background check request, the applicant receives an e-mail from Zumper with a link to complete a rental application online and pay $30 via credit card so we can generate their screening reports. Our reports are generated in just a few seconds and include the following:

  • Experian Credit Report: Includes tenant screening services with a credit score, tradelines, credit inquiries, payment history, collections, and more.
  • National Eviction Report: Includes unlawful detainers, monetary judgments such as for non-payment of rent, property damage claims, and additional filings that have been made in court.
  • National Criminal Report: Includes felonies, sex offender history, and misdemeanors from millions of state and county records.
  • As a bonus, we give you $15 for each applicant you screen with us. In some cities, over 20% of agents are using Zumper Pro to screen and many of them will earn over $10,000 this year.

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