Simon Fraser university to provide Bitcoin ATMs at internal Bookstores

Canada is becoming a forerunner in the adoption of Bitcoin. One prominent university in Canada's British Columbia area, SFU, has announced that it will install Bitcoin ATMs to its Bookstore locations.

This is inline with SFU's initiative to facilitate its students in buying books. A Canada based operator, BitSent, will provide the ATMs.

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Bitcoin's rising importance in the remittance market

Bitcoin is quickly gaining popularity on the international scale. With its decentralized system of money transactions, Bitcoin has a very huge growth potential in the remittance market. The attractive features that Bitcoin provides when used to remit money are its low cost and fast speed of transfer with a high degree of security.

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Asian Banks Demanded Ransom Amount in Bitcoin

Hackers who demand extortion money in Bitcoin are attacking websites of Asian Banks.

Hong Kong's largest banks have recently been under attack from hackers, supposedly from abroad. They launched a DDos attack on the Banks' websites. The Bank of China and the Bank of East Asia are two prominent banks in the region and confirmed that they had such an attack on May 9.

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Bitcoin's Founder Revealed by New York Times

There have been various speculations over who is the real founder of the revolutionary, crypto currency Bitcoin. New York Times revealed that Satoshi Nakamoto's real identity is Nick Szabo in a recent article.

Some supporting evidence that the article published by New York Times gives is:

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USAA's Research Team Will Probe Further Into Bitcoin's Development

A Texas based financial institution, USAA, has recently announced that it has been studying Bitcoin's technology and it will use its research facilities to help support the development of Bitcoin. This interest from a major banking institution signifies good growth potential for Bitcoin.

A major player in the banking, insurance and the investment management realm, USAA's management director of corporate development said that Bitcoin's "Decentralized System" can help USAA's banking operations adopt to the same theme.

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Bitcoin Exchange Receives License From New York’s Financial Authorities

ItBit is the first company to receive its licence to work under the newly crafted virtual currency laws in New York. ItBit will work as a regulated Exchange that will trade in virtual currency.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin's ultimate potential lies in its ease of use and its decentralized system. With regulation coming into the Bitcoin arena, we can hope that Bitcoin will finally fulfill its goals.

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