BlocksAndGold is a Minecraft Server With a Strong Virtual Economy.

Build your territory in-game, and manage your stuff on the website.

  • Sell what you have collected or manufactured in the game to the bank, and earn Gold coin,
  • Buy what others have sold with your Gold coin ...
  • A fluctuating and automatic item price list
  • Buying territories to protect your contructions because outside these territories, there is no rule!
  • Invite your friends to build your territory
  • Scoreboards to measure your performance as a warrior and builder
  • Talk from the website with online players in the game (since the game map)
  • Exclusive job system : level you jobs and get a special power
  • A lot of Achivements to collect
  • A new hungergame map every day
  • A premium shop
  • 3 axes of levelling : PVP, PVE, Likes
  • An optional launcher . By this way we have no cheater. (rei's minimp / Optifine / BetterAnimation / CraftGuide Included)
  • Some great Features for Minecraft Youtubers : Earn Virtual money with your minecraft video views.

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